Easy and Convenient


Easy, Convenient, Organized and Effective

  • communication and informations

    Deliver group and private message from school to parent. Configurable two way engagement.


    Share photos, audio and video of school activities, celebrations and events.

  • school Calendar

    Repository of all events and holidays. Integrate with personal calendar, set reminders and confirm participation in school celebrations and events.

  • Real-time Bus Tracking

    Real-time location tracking of the school bus and trip status notification over the smartphone.

  • Attendance Status

    Notify student absence as a private message to parent. Record and tabulate student attendance.

  • Different User Screens

    Create and send certificates, progress cards, daily reports etc. using customizable templates.

Skoolportal Skoolportal Skoolportal
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  • Increased Efficiency

    Eliminates time consuming tasks and reduces the schools workload. Ensures effectiveness of communication with read-by receipts.

  • Centralised System

    Streamline and consolidate all school parent communication into an integrated system.

  • Reduced Communication Budget

    Save on bulk SMS, printing & paper costs, managing school diary and multiple communication software maintenance.

  • Affordable and Quick Deployment

    Futuristic technology available at less than the price of a school diary. Contact us to enroll your institution for quick deployment of Skoolportal.

Skoolportal Skoolportal
Skoolportal Skoolportal

Why Skool Portal

Skool Portal provides an easy and convenient way for schools to communicate with parents on their smartphones. SkoolPortal's features will be useful to share various multimedia (audio/video/pictures), track the school bus, record attendance, notify events, publish report cards, announce holidays, set reminders, deliver newsletters (pdf & doc), send instant alerts and much more. Parents can also use this platform to contact school on a 1-on-1 basis with absolute privacy.

Skool portal enables seamless school-parent communication � anytime and anywhere. It provides a very simple and secure way for the school to reach out to parents almost instantly. The Skool Portal app is available for iPhone, iPad and on all Android devices.

Skoolportal Skoolportal


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